Nuclear construction lessons learned

In October 2010, Engineering the Future brought together a study working group at the request of the Office of Nuclear Development to examine the lessons that could be learnt from recent civil nuclear power plant construction projects and how they should be incorporated into the proposed UK new build programme.
The Nuclear Lessons Learned study examined experiences from six recent nuclear construction projects and a series of general lessons.
An industry stakeholder group meeting in November 2010 suggested to Engineering the Future that a series of guidance for best practice guides on specific areas of nuclear construction would be of value to industry. The aim of these guides is to help generate behaviours within the UK industry and supply chain that are conducive to successful project delivery and specifically not about setting codes of practice or contract conditions.
Drafts of the first three guides are now available for comment
Industry stakeholders are invited to provide feedback and comment on the draft best practice guides to by Friday 2 September 2011.

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