ONR Programme Management Organisation

Work is now underway to establish programme management principles within ONR.

Effective management is vital when regulating a nuclear industry that is set for dramatic expansion as well as maintaining the regulation of the existing fleet.

In order to meet this increased demand, a management methodology that ensures continued and increased efficiency and effectiveness as well as providing openness and transparency is required.  This infrastructure must be effective in continuing to secure the protection of people and society from the hazards of nuclear activities.

The current organisational structure and processes has served ONR well to date but an opportunity now exists to take advantage of the lessons learnt and develop a more effective way of working.

Under the remit of ONR’s transformational change programme, work is now underway to establish programme management principles within ONR.  This way of working is closely aligned to industry and government programme management best practice and will enable ONR to meet the organisation’s increasing demands.

This transformational change will:

  • Re-organise ONR’s current organisational structure into delivery-focussed and integrated programmes
    • Civil Nuclear Reactors Programme
    • Defence Programme
    • Sellafield Programme
    • Decommissioning, Fuel and Waste Programme
  • Establish a corporate programme office to co-ordinate and consolidate information across the programmes, ensuring consistency in operations
  • Recruit  programme managers to support each of the programmes

We have also recruited a number of secondees from outside of ONR enabling the organisation to capitalise on wider experience.

This approach supports the proposed establishment of ONR as a statutory corporation, signalling the ongoing commitment to securing an appropriately resourced and responsive regulator for the future.

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