Options for management of Harwell fuels

The NDA has today published Credible and Preferred options associated with the management of exotic fuels, nuclear materials and wastes at Harwell.

The paper describes and discusses the relevant factors associated with each high level option, and draws conclusions based on the analysis.

This paper demonstrates that there is a strategic and economic case for the NDA management option for Dragon fuel, low-enriched uranium (LEU), contact-handled intermediate level waste drums, and concrete-lined drums to be changed from management at Harwell to management at Sellafield.

Whilst the Site Licence Company (SLC) prepares the final business case, the NDA will engage with stakeholders and local communities through this credible and preferred options paper to gain their views of the proposed strategy for the management of these materials.

If you have any comments on the paper, please email your comments to strategy@nda.gov.uk by end of September 2011.

It is anticipated that the final business case will be presented to NDA in autumn 2011, and that a decision by NDA will follow within two months of receipt. Should management of RSRL fuel and material at Sellafield become the approved strategy, transportation will commence in 2013.

PDF Exotic Fuels – Nuclear Materials and Waste Management – RSRL Harwell Credible and Preferred Options – August 2011 (300Kb)