Sellafield Residue Export Facility Licence granted

Following a lengthy period of active commissioning, the ONR (Office of Nuclear Regulation) has now issued REF with the required Licence Instrument.

The Licence Instrument enables the Facility to move from under commissioning to full operational status ie “Consent to Operate”.
The facility which is a major part of the infrastructure for the Vitrified Residue Return programme consists of a series of heavily shielded cells containing equipment that prepare, check and confirm that the product canisters containing vitrified residue (solid glass form of highly active waste) meet the requirements of the customers, prior to them being exported back to overseas customers.
Tom Foster, Waste and Effluent Disposition Director commented: “The significance of this Licence Instrument cannot be overstated. This achievement is the result of many people demonstrating their commitment, dedication and professionalism in often very challenging circumstances over the period of REF’s development. The challenge now is to use this latest step in REF’s progression as a Facility to continue to deliver its requirements safely, efficiently and to the satisfaction of our key stakeholders and customers.”
The “Consent to Operate” is the final stage in the licensing process for REF and will enable the facility to move to steady state operations in support of the programme of returning highly active waste to customers in fulfillment of contractual obligations.

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