Fukushima Has Had No Impact On UK Public Opinion

The accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan in March this year seems to have had no impact on the UK public’s confidence in nuclear power, according to a poll.
The survey, carried out by Populus last month and commissioned by the British Science Association (BSA), found that 41 percent of respondents agreed the benefits of nuclear power outweighed the risks, up from 38 percent in 2010 and 32percent in 2005.

Those who said that the risks greatly or slightly outweighed the benefits of nuclear power in 2010 numbered 36 percent, and in 2011 this dropped to 28 percent of respondents.

Furthermore, says the poll, the number of people who think the UK should build more nuclear power plants has risen dramatically since 2005, with 23 percent agreeing with this today, compared with only nine percent in 2005.

The BSA said the poll seems to indicate that Fukushima-Daiichi has had “absolutely no impact” on the continuing decline in the public’s concern about nuclear power.

You can find the poll here.

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