Keeping track of progress

The NDA has launched a revised format for the online recording of sites’ progress towards their decommissioning targets.  

Targets detailed in the recently published Business Plan 2011-2014 will be used to measure progress with a simple traffic light system of green (on target), amber (behind target with some possibility of recovery) and red (behind target).  

Web users will be able to check the performance of individual sites against specific targets, or browse by the six key themes: site restoration; spent fuels, nuclear materials, integrated waste management, business optimisation or critical enablers.  

The new format reflects a stronger focus on delivery and will be updated on a quarterly basis, replacing the previous system which reported progress using more general indicators. As well as covering the Site Licence companies (SLCs), progress will be reported for the NDA and its Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD).   

At the end of the year, the final report will be included in the NDA’s Annual Report and Accounts.  

In addition, the NDA is continuing to report quarterly on each site’s safety performance for nuclear, environmental and industrial safety incidents, with green indicating no incidents in the quarter and red indicating one or more incidents in the quarter.  

The results will be collated into a quarterly report following a review by the NDA teams responsible for overseeing the SLC performance.  

The NDA’s Director of Communications, Jon Phillips, said:

“This new form of reporting aims to demonstrate further transparency about the progress we and our contractors are making against the targets published in our annual Business Plan.”