Rolls-Royce and Rosatom to collaborate in civil nuclear

Rolls-Royce, has announced that it will collaborate with Russian state-owned atomic energy corporation, Rosatom, in the area of civil nuclear power. The agreement between the two companies follows today’s joint announcement by UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, and Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, in which the two countries pledged to work more closely in  a number of areas, including civil nuclear power.

Speaking in Moscow, Prime Minister Cameron said: “Today we have taken a step forward in our co-operation with Russia. We have agreed to work together on a range of issues, including the development of nuclear energy and I’m delighted that this means Rolls-Royce will be working with Rosatom to bring benefits to the UK, supporting 250 companies here and safeguarding thousands of jobs.”

Sir Simon Robertson, the Chairman of Rolls-Royce, who is in Moscow as part of the Prime Minister’s official delegation, said: “I am delighted to personally sign this important agreement with Rosatom. Our two companies are world class and I believe that this collaboration will yield significant benefits as nuclear reactor new-build programmes develop globally. 

“Importantly, we will be working to ensure that this collaboration maximises opportunities for the UK supply chain to expand its capability and capacity, build a strong export base and so benefit from global new build programmes.”

Cyril Komarov, Deputy Director General, Rosatom said: “Rolls-Royce is clearly an attractive partner for us and I look forward to our companies developing a strong relationship and working together closely in the future as we explore future opportunities.”

Rolls-Royce has significant nuclear skills, with a large existing nuclear certified supply chain, and supports a number of key phases of the nuclear programme, including providing advice to governments and operators, supply chain management expertise, as well as manufacturing and technical engineering support. The Group also provides safety-critical instrumentation and control systems to all 58 operating nuclear power facilities in France and to more than 50 others across Europe, the USA and wider international markets.

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