Waste Vitrification Plant Line 3 returns to operation

Waste Vitrification Plant (WVP) line 3 has been safely returned to full operations within a few days of the original schedule following an outage spanning 18 months.
This major achievement now enables further significant hazard and risk reduction on the Sellafield site by contributing to highly active liquor (HAL) stocks reduction and represents a key milestone, not only for WVP but for Sellafield Ltd, NMP, NDA, UK Government and overseas stakeholders and customers.
Innovative and effective methods were found by the teams to safely deliver the shield doors improvements and vitrification assistance projects alongside other additional plant improvements.
Todd Wright, Managing Director, Sellafield Ltd said: “This is an exceptional achievement and my personal congratulations go to the team that has worked so hard to return the line to full operations. NMP, NDA and Sellafield Ltd are all fully committed to hazard and risk reduction across the Sellafield site and the successful operation of the vitrification plant is a key driver in ensuring we achieve that goal.”
Dr Ian Hudson, the NDA’s Head of Programme for Sellafield said “The ability to continually process highly active liquor through the vitrification plant is a key activity for Sellafield in NDA’s business plan as it directly supports the priority task of high hazard reduction.

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