Disposal of NDA land at Capenhurst

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority NDA has announced its intention to dispose its land at Capenhurst and Ledsham.

This communication is directed to any persons who might be former owners of the land or the successors in title to those people, otherwise than by sale and purchase.

The Crichel Down Rules require surplus government owned land that was acquired by compulsion to be offered back to former owners unless any of the exceptions in those Rules apply.

The NDA has concluded that some of the land has materially changed and there is a risk of a fragmented sale of the land realising substantially less than the best price that can reasonably be obtained for the site as a whole. For this reason the land is exempt from the Crichel Down Rules and the appropriate way forward is to offer the land on the open market. Other exceptions may also apply in particular circumstances.

Any questions on this matter should be directed to Burges Salmon LLP, One Glass Wharf, Bristol BS0 1EX, FAO Patrick Robinson or by e-mail to mailto: patrick.robinson@burges-salmon.com