Driving Safety & Productivity in Nuclear Operations

The online event I talked about in August has been launched. Dec 5-12 marks the series of webinars that offer the best speakers on the most important topics in nuclear safety and operations. As a member of the Nuclear Matters community you are entitled to a discounted rate of $99 by using the code at the end of this post.

As the major nuclear nations have established their positions on the future of their nuclear programmes, Energy iQ has been busily working with a core group of forward-thinking nuclear operators and contractors to bring together industry thought leaders to help tackle the key issues on everyone’s minds:

  • Where does the industry currently stand?
  • How have the regulations changed in the aftermath of the Japanese meltdowns?
  • What does the future hold for nuclear new build?

That’s why we have assembled some of the world’s most respected nuclear industry professionals in one virtual place to share their strategies and expertise on:

  • Steps nuclear operators can take now to ensure they stay ahead of an evolving regulatory landscape
  • What solution providers to the nuclear industry can do to ensure they are able to compete for business
  • How the industry as a whole can learn from the leading international thinkers in driving a culture of continuous improvement across the whole sector

This 100% online summit starts on November 28th and runs across the course of two weeks. We record all sessions, and each session is accompanied by a unique ‘action point summary’ meaning you can watch the presentations live in real-time and on-demand in your own time, and actually apply the best practice you hear.

You can register for this exciting event here. The code to use for your discounted price is NM2011.

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