Master Slave Manipulator training moves to Sellafield

Following a 4 year residency at the National Nuclear Laboratories NNL at Workington, the Master Slave Manipulator (MSM) training facility has relocated to the Sellafield site making savings of £10,000 each month in ground rent costs.

The facility was initially developed and established to enable the training of operators in the safe and correct use of MSM’s, following a noticeable trend in the number of incidents associated with their use.

Craig Branney, Engineering support said: “The facility was dismantled at the National Nuclear Laboratories, transported and rebuilt with further modifications at the Learning Resource and Engineering Technology Centre, here at Sellafield.

Gareth Frazer, Maintenance manager for MSM’s and statutory maintenance explained: “We have a huge opportunity here to utilise this facility to enable areas to trial cell work before completing tasks in-house. I can’t praise Craig enough for the way he has undertaken this task which has resulted in a much improved facility.

A field review of the project was held in September resulting in some positive feedback which gave the team a real boost. Tom Foster, Director of Waste and Effluent Disposition attended the review along with Sellafield’s Managing Director Todd Wright and Transformation Director Vic Carlill.

Afterwards Tom Foster stated: “We were extremely impressed with the initiative and dedication shown by a bright and enthusiastic team of people to address an issue and work together not only to resolve it, but to make impressive cost effective improvements along the way.

“What was even more impressive was that some of this team were only just out of serving their time and I found their enthusiasm very heartening to see.”

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