Waste Vitrification Plant Line 3 returns to service

Sellafield Ltd has taken a major step forward towards its mission of high hazard reduction by successfully returning to service the Waste Vitrification Plant Line 3.

The Vitrification plants Line 3, which converts high active radioactive liquor into glass, is back in full operation after an 18 month shutdown due to an issue with a shield door.

25 permanent modifications to the hydraulic systems that drive the safety critical shield doors were undertaken providing a more robust engineered protection system and therefore allowing the plant to return to service.

All the hard work and dedication paid off when in early September 2011 the line was returned to service following the Office of Nuclear Regulator permissions, confirmation by the Management of Safety Committee and the Head of High Level Waste Plants that the work was completed to their satisfaction.

Commenting on the achievements, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) head of programme for Sellafield Ltd Dr Ian Hudson said: “The ability to continually process highly active liquor through the Vitrification plant is a key activity for Sellafield in NDA’s business plan as it directly supports the priority task of high hazard reduction.

“Successfully bringing the Vitrification line 3 back into operation is an important step in delivering that task and one that I hope will lead to a high level of sustained performance at the plant.”

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