Chair of the Nuclear Liabilities Financing Assurance Board reappointment

Lady Janet Balfour of Burleigh has been reappointed as Chair of the Nuclear Liabilities Financing Assurance Board (NLFAB) for a second term of office.

The role of the NLFAB is to ensure that operators of new nuclear power stations make robust financial arrangements to meet the full costs of decommissioning and their full share of waste management and disposal costs. Charles Hendry, Minister of State for Energy, said: “I am pleased to appoint Lady Balfour to be Chair of the NLFAB for a second term. It is vital that operators – and not taxpayers – meet the costs of decommissioning, waste management and disposal for their new nuclear power stations and the NLFAB have an important role in ensuring this.”

The reappointment of Lady Balfour is for two years from 1 November 2011. Separately, Stephen Newson has been appointed as a member of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) by sponsor Ministers from DECC and the Devolved Administrations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is an interim appointment until 31 October 2012 to provide the Committee with expertise in underground engineering. Stephen Newson is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and is currently a Principal Mining Consultant for Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd.