Dounreay passes nuclear training tests

Dounreay’s in-housing training service has itself gained a new qualification – and praise from the UK Government Minister in charge of building up Britain’s nuclear skills base.

The site is among the first in the UK to pass the test for new national standards in the training and development of nuclear workers.

It’s good news for workers decommissioning the site who are thinking about a career elsewhere in the nuclear industry when their job becomes redundant.

Qualifications obtained through Dounreay will be recognised across the industry because DSRL has been validated against the NEF Assured (Nuclear) standard.

Company representatives attended the inaugural awards ceremony hosted by the New Engineering Foundation at the Houses of Parliament in London.

Head of HR Michael Dunnett and Jillian Bundy, manager of in-house provider Training at Naver, collected their award from UK Government skills minister John Hayes.

He described the NEF standard as a “critical part” of driving up standards to make the nuclear industry in the UK one of the safest in the world.

“I am proud that in this country, we have developed a sound, safe and secure nuclear capability, and through advances in innovation and new technology, the UK has proven to be an exemplar in this field.”

Jean Llewellyn, chief executive of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, said they endorsed the NEF Assured (Nuclear) standard “as an important step in enabling organisations to have their training department benchmarked against Industry Standards. This innovative partnership approach to assuring the standards of training departments could help to alleviate safety concerns from the public.”

The accreditation is valid for 3 years. Only qualifications issued by NEF-approved training providers are recognised for nuclear skills passports.

“Achieving the NEF standard is very important to us for two reasons – its an assurance of the quality of our training in support of the safe decommissioning of the site and it provides workers with certification that will be recognised across the industry if they choose to pursue their careers elsewhere in the industry,” said Michael Dunnett.

A celebration of outstanding practice in the nuclear sector – New Engineering Foundation