Movement of nuclear materials from Dounreay and Harwell to Sellafield

The NDA has started to develop the case for movement of nuclear materials from Dounreay and Harwell to Sellafield.

As described in our Strategy and detailed in the 2010/2011 Business Plan, the NDA has been developing the case for the better use of our physical assets which “may include the movement of materials from one site to another where the facilities exist to best manage them” (NDA Strategy page 13).

NDA and Site Licence Companies (SLCs) have been working together to develop the first two business cases to support the implementation of this key element of our Strategy and Credible/Preferred Options papers were published earlier this year to allow stakeholders to comment. These views were taken into consideration and the NDA Executive have now decided that the proposals to move these materials – breeder material from Dounreay and a range of materials and intermediate level wastes from Harwell – should be taken forward. The project teams including NDA and SLC personnel will now seek any necessary regulatory and other approvals required before the movements can commence. If these are achieved then movements from Dounreay are likely to start in Summer 2012 and those from Harwell in Spring 2013. However, these dates are subject to change.