Studsvik signs £7 million nuclear contract

Studsvik has signed a 7-year contract with EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited worth £1 million per year for carrying out materials testing on irradiated fuel and fuel components from AGR reactors (Advanced Gas cooled Reactors).

The contract may be extended for a further 10 years.

The fuel and materials tests will be carried out at Studsvik’s facilities and are made in support of the safety cases and operation of EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited’s UK AGR reactors.

“The agreement with EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited is strategically important to the business of Studsvik’s Global Services segment. This Segment is Studsvik’s most research-intensive, with areas such as the development of fuel
optimization software, qualified materials technology competence and consulting services for nuclear safety. The contract is an acknowledgement of the high quality of the operations,” comments Magnus Arbell, President of Studsvik

“I am pleased that EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited have entered into a long term agreement with Studsvik, further strengthening the relationship in support of the safe reliable operation of our fleet of power stations”, comments
Stuart Crooks, Chief Technical Officer of EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited.