Integrated waste management programme

The NDA has published its draft Strategy Development Programme for Integrated Waste Management for comment.

The paper articulates the work required to develop a comprehensive NDA Integrated Waste Management Strategy that will drive Lifetime Plan development and lead in due course to the estate wide optimisation of waste management.

The purpose of documenting the strategy development programme is to:

Provide reassurance that the central importance of IWM to the delivery of our mission is recognised and that we have a credible programme to realise opportunities and address key challenges
Seek feedback and support from Governments, the SLCs, Regulators and the wider stakeholder community
If you have any comments on the paper, please email them to by 24 February 2012.

The final version of the document will be published by 31 March 2012.

Integrated Waste Management – Strategy Development Programme Draft for Comment December 2011 (3Mb)

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