NuGen names new nuclear build project

The name Moorside has been selected by NuGen, the UK nuclear company developing plans for a new power station in West Cumbria, as its project name.

The company, owned by IBERDROLA and GDF SUEZ is raising its profile as work begins on site investigations next year on land it has an option to purchase – and naming the project is another key step forward in its development plan.

NuGen’s Moorside project focuses on 200 hectares of land on the West Cumbrian coast where it hopes to develop and build up to 3.6GW of new nuclear capacity.

The project naming brings clarity and a distinct identity to the nuclear new build development, and provides a focus for stakeholders including the local community, regulators and the wider nuclear industry.

Moorside was chosen following a selection process taking into account local opinions, and the need for a robust project name that reflects local identity and regional aspirations.

Olivier Carret, Chief Operating Director for NuGen said naming the Moorside project was another important step in bringing new nuclear build to West Cumbria.

“I am delighted to be able to announce that NuGen’s project will now be known as Moorside. It is of course very important to have a point of reference for our new build plans, and we are proud of our new project name.”

“NuGen’s Moorside project is gaining momentum. We will shortly be carrying out preliminary work on the site and it is important that our local community, and national stakeholders recognise us, and our project.”

Alfio Vidal, Chief Nuclear Director for NuGen said the project naming was an important part in the company’s development plans.

“The recent permission from Copeland Council means our site characterisation work can now commence on schedule. It is important that our project has a name and we are delighted with this choice. It gives momentum to developing solid relationships with the community and supply chain.”

“We think Moorside reflects the unique qualities of West Cumbria and our new project name marks a step forward in our development plans.”

NuGen, which has offices at nearby Westlakes Science and Technology Park at Whitehaven, West Cumbria, has an ongoing programme of community meetings in place and will be taking forward supply chain development work during 2012.