Westinghouse signs MOU with DBD

Westinghouse have announced an important Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DBD Limited relating to the future development of the Westinghouse AP1000® reactor design in the UK.

The agreement covers a range of topics where it is hoped that the two organizations can collaborate to help bring the AP1000 nuclear power plant into commercial operation in the UK. This includes support through the final stages of the Generic Design Assessment process, site-specific licensing, planning support and associated safety-case development.
Speaking at the signing ceremony in Chorley, Westinghouse Vice President for the UK, Middle East & Egypt, Mike Tynan, said:
“I am pleased to be establishing this important link between our two organisations. As we progress towards Interim GDA approvals and hopefully then towards selection of our design by a UK utility, we are working to identify and build connections to those companies who are best placed to support the next phase of our UK journey.

DBD are well-established in their field and we know them well. There are many potential areas where they could help us in our work to make the Westinghouse AP1000 a reality in the UK, and I am confident that together we can make great progress.”

DBD’s Managing Director Andrew Carlick added:
”DBD are delighted to have signed this MOU and it marks an important step in developing a long-term, successful relationship with such a significant and respected market leader in the nuclear industry. It is an exciting time for nuclear and we look forward to giving Westinghouse our full support both on the GDA process and their site work.”

The AP1000 reactor is one of the two designs currently being evaluated for selection in the UK and has already been chosen as the preferred design in China (where 4 reactors have been ordered) and the US (where a further 6 units are under contract). All four Chinese plants are under construction and remain on schedule, with the first Chinese plant, at Sanmen, on track to produce electricity in 2013.