Atkins and Assystem nuclear alliance

Atkins and Assystem are to form a strategic alliance to create a 50/50 nuclear engineering joint venture to provide consultancy and engineering services to the rapidly-expanding international nuclear new build market.

The Nuclear Atkins Assystem Alliance will enable both companies to address demand from governments and utilities in countries developing nuclear power as part of their energy mix and will provide services to nuclear new build projects and across the entire nuclear fuel cycle.

The alliance will enable both Atkins and Assystem to expand in a highly promising market. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that more than 30 countries are using nuclear power as a sustainable energy source and another 30 are considering development. Together, these countries represent a market of more than 200 new reactors over the next 20 years. Together, Atkins and Assystem employ some 27,000 highly trained professionals. The Nuclear Atkins Assystem Alliance is supported by this talent pool, of which 3,000 are professionals with nuclear skills, capable of delivering the engineering services needed to keep pace with this fast-growing sector. As they diversify their energy mixes, governments and power utilities will need to count on the support of experienced engineering partners, with a well-established track record in the design, construction and operation of nuclear power facilities.

Atkins and Assystem are recognised by key participants in the global nuclear power industry for their engineering expertise and track record:

The two companies each enjoy more than 40 years’ experience in the nuclear sector, supporting the development of nuclear power programmes in two pioneering countries, France and the United Kingdom.
Atkins has a reputation for delivering engineering excellence worldwide including in many countries which are considering adding nuclear power to their energy mix.
Assystem has built its engineering reputation in some of the world’s safest, most advanced nuclear technologies by working with such market leaders as AREVA and EDF, supporting them on all of their projects in France and abroad.
Headquartered in France, the alliance will combine Atkins’ and Assystem’s strengths to position both companies to take advantage of opportunities in the international nuclear market. Atkins and Assystem will continue to serve their home markets of the UK and France as separate entities.

Both companies have formed a strong relationship as they are already working together on the ITER international nuclear fusion research project in the south of France, having been selected last April as part of the Engage consortium to act as Building Architect Engineer.

Keith Clarke, chief executive of Atkins, explained: “Nuclear engineering is a key part of Atkins’ strategy going forward. The alliance with Assystem will give us a strong platform from which to deliver nuclear services to emerging international markets. The combination of our collective nuclear expertise will position us superbly to pursue opportunities in a broader array of markets with a wider range of services which go beyond our considerable presence in our own home markets.”

Dominique Louis, chairman of the Assystem management board, added: “By combining our capabilities and the experience acquired in the French and British nuclear programmes, which are among the world’s most advanced, Assystem and Atkins will together deliver unrivalled nuclear engineering excellence to governments and utilities.”