Fukushima fallout discussion

Nuclear Liaison TV have posted the edited video of the Manchester Salon discussion ‘Fukushima fallout’ that took place in October. 

· To view the video on the NLTV site you can find it here.

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The starkest thing that came out of the discussion was a mismatch between people schooled in the language of environmentalism and risk aversion, and an industry schooled in a narrower scientific language. To help draw out the impact environmentalism has had on discussions of power generation, I’m going to try and programme a discussion in March, as part of the Science Festival, with advocates of alternative forms of energy production. If you know any robust advocates of say wind and solar energy in the region you think would be a good speaker do let me know about them by reply.

Thanks again for your interest in this very useful public discussion on the issue of Nuclear Power, which is now available to a much wider audience through the publication of the video. Please do feel free to promote more widely or use as a resource as best suits you.