NDA research bursary call 2012

The NDA is offering a bursary up to £500,000 to encourage university research projects that can contribute to its nuclear decommissioning and clean-up mission.

Over the last four years, the NDA’s University Bursary Call scheme has supported PhD projects, aiming to build up a pool of researchers with skills and knowledge that support its mission.

The annual, open call to universities and research institutes is a key part of the NDA’s University Research and Development (R&D) programme which focuses on developing solutions to the many technical challenges posed by decommissioning.

This year’s bursary call is open in the following areas of interest:

Waste Management (e.g. treatment, immobilisation, packaging and interim storage)Decommissioning (e.g. remote handling, decontamination, size reduction, demolition)Land Quality (e.g. contaminated land management, groundwater treatment)Characterisation (e.g. improved analysis techniques for waste, land, groundwater and/or buildings)Modelling & Simulation (e.g. radiation damage, actinide chemistry).

Bursaries are among a number of mechanisms available under the R&D programme, ranging from small-scale supply chain projects of less than £50,000 to larger initiatives that can attract up to £1 million of funding.

The open call is advertised via the website of the National Nuclear Laboratory, with proposals undergoing a technical review process before selection.

Outputs from the research programmes will be published in peer-reviewed academic and industry journals, conference presentations and technical reports.

Applications need to be submitted via an online form, available through the home page of the National Nuclear Laboratory website by 3pm on 15 February 2012.

Further information is available through the NNL websiteMore information on NDA’s research site.