Sellafield Ltd international member of INPO

Sellafield Ltd has become the latest nuclear company to join INPO – the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators – to continue our commitment to learn from our nuclear colleagues across the world.

INPO works to help the nuclear industry achieve the highest levels of safety and reliability excellence through, plant evaluations, training and accreditation, events analysis and information exchange and assistance with specific technical or managerial issues in areas related to plant operation and support.

Speaking about our membership Doug Cooper, NMP Sponsored Deputy Managing Director for Sellafield, said: “We became a Category 1 member of WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) this year and now we have become an international member of INPO. These organisations are hugely important to us and they will help align us to the commercial nuclear standards accepted around the world for performance in operations and maintenance.

“This membership gives us access to knowledge and experience by plant operators whose facilities are consistently evaluated as the best in the world; they recognise the importance of continuous improvement even beyond their present performance.

“Here at Sellafield Ltd we cannot afford to take any other course. Our focus is that we must continue to deliver performance and be safe, reliable and predictable in everything we do.”