Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism launched

The eagerly awaited Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism has had its first cohort of students through one of its seven modules.

The Technical Leadership module delivered by Aston Business School commenced delivery on the 25th January 2012.

Martin Field, Executive Development Director, Aston Business School;

“We are delighted to announce the highly successful launch of the Technical Leadership module.  This is the first of three modules from Aston Business School within the Skills Academy’s Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism.

“The Technical Leadership module employs a very powerful learning ‘model’ that twinned Aston ‘content’ with nuclear industry expert ‘context’.  Participants were exposed to the issues, implications and interdependencies involved in leading a team to design and commission a technical solution.  This was achieved through participants considering a case study which ran as a backbone of activity throughout the module. This brought both an awareness of what is involved in the role of Technical Leader and an introduction to the tools and techniques to navigate through a relevant industry situation.

The participants who were from various levels within and external to  industry really enjoyed the high interactivity of the module and the collaboration between each other. The delegates benefitted from the opportunity to learn from each other’s industry perspective, the Aston impactful management content and the nuclear expert experience and industry perspective.”

Bunmi Titiloye, who was part of the first cohort of students said;

“Being a potential new entrant to the Nuclear sector, the case studies used on the technical leadership module gave me a clear understanding of the different stakeholders involved in the industry, their points of view and how to guide nuclear processes involving the multiple stakeholders with sometimes varied agendas to a suitable conclusion.”

Jean Llewellyn, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy Nuclear;

“It is extremely encouraging to see such a successful start to the delivery of the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism.  Employers have been the driving force behind the certificate, and have clearly articulated the importance of having nuclear professionals with a clear knowledge and understanding of both the cultural environment, and the behavioural standards expected when working in the nuclear sector.

The certificate will support the development of individuals both for and within the sector via a flexible supported learning approach.”

This module will be quickly followed by the other six modules which are currently open for enrolment.   The modules which make up the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism are;

  • Module 1 Safety, Environmental and Security Management
  • Module 2 Technical Leadership
  • Module 3 Communications
  • Module 4 Commercial Awareness
  • Module 5 Project Management
  • Module 6 Nuclear Principles Protections & Frameworks
  • Module 7 Safety Case Production and Evaluation.

The modules are available through a number of providers of the Skills Academy.  Further information including contacts and costs can be found on the Skills Academy’s website www.nuclear.nsacademy.co.uk

  • Up and Coming Modules and further information
  • UCLan offer Modules 1, 6 and 7 as a package starting on the 28th May-1st June 2012. 
  • Aston Business School offer Module 2, Module 4 commencing 27th & 28th February and Module 5 commencing 22nd and 23rd February 2012.
  • Business Insight 20|20 deliver Module 3 commencing on 20th-22nd March.  20|20 and Module 5 commencing 13th-17th February 2012
  • The Open University offer module 6 as e-learning. 

Students studying the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism are required to register onto the Open University’s Virtual Learning Environment where learners will upload evidence of their learning, access tutor support and complete their final integrative assessment.  The first step of registration is via the Skills Academy website.