NDA examines options for Dounreay ‘exotic’ fuels

The NDA has today published a Credible Options Study covering the remaining nuclear materials at Dounreay referred to as ‘exotics’. The study identifies two strategic options for the material.

These are to:

  • transport them to Sellafield for management
  • manage them at Dounreay 

NDA has studied the high level management options associated with the exotics and identified those it believes are credible and considers these to be compliant with current UK and Scottish Government policies. The options need now to be discussed with regulators, Government departments, local communities and other interested parties before any preferred option can be selected. 

The Value Framework analysis of the credible options shows that the option to transport the exotics from Dounreay to Sellafield offers many advantages, and these need to be discussed with regulators before any approved strategic decision can be made. Under this option, the number of transports would depend on the mode, but as a guide, there would be in the region of 30-60 journeys during a 6 year period, commencing probably around 2014/15. 

A decision on the preferred option by NDA will take place in March / April 2012, and will be informed by the views of stakeholders arising from this engagement process. Work still needs to be completed by the SLCs prior to the NDA being confident that the preferred option can be fully implemented.

PDF Exotic Fuels and Nuclear Materials: Dounreay – Credible Options February 2012 (1Mb)

If you have any comments on the paper, please email your comments to strategy@nda.gov.uk by 23 March 2012.

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