SONE Supporters of Nuclear Energy

SONE is a group of individuals of many different disciplines, interests and backgrounds. They have one objective which is to promote an informed debate about nuclear’s place in global energy supply and how it can help power the world’s economic development in a sustainable way.

SONE members believe that:

1.Nuclear energy is a safe, reliable, economic and environmentally acceptable way of providing electricity.
2.Nuclear energy is, on present knowledge, essential to the world’s continued development if serious climatic changes are to be avoided.
These beliefs are underpinned by three convictions:

  • Nuclear energy must not only be safe but also seen to be safe and permitted to manage its waste properly.
  • Nuclear energy must be able to compete on equal terms with other sources of energy while maintaining the highest levels of safety.
  • Nuclear energy must be subject of an open and honest dialogue with the public.

We invite you to join us in promoting such a debate because the national interest requires a substantial nuclear contribution to an environmentally acceptable mix of energy supplies. Without secure energy supplies when they are needed, we cannot maintain our people in work, our prosperity or lifestyle or generate the resources needed to protect our environment.

You can find out more about SONE here.

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