Berkeley bids goodbye

The village of Berkeley in Gloucestershire came to a standstill as two massive boilers – each weighing more than 25 London buses – trundled slowly through the streets to be shipped off for recycling.

The 300 tonne boilers, which are 21 metres long and 5 metres in diameter, have been moved whole through the town and onwards to Sharpness docks, where they will be transported to Avonmouth.  From here they will make the journey to a specialist recycling plant in Sweden.

Click here to watch a video of the boilers being moved 

The project has seen Magnox working closely with low level waste respositary (LLWR)  to utilise their existing framework, which has engaged the supply chain to deliver an effective solution for the removal and recycling of the boilers. Ten now remain and the site is looking at options for their removal.

The boilers were wished well on their journey by a large crowd in Berkeley town, including local school children.

Penny Wride, SSG Chairman said:”This is absolutely amazing, and can only be described as the ultimate recycling project.”

Up to 90% of each boiler will be recycled and the metal re-used.