Leadership focus of UK nuclear conference

A delegation of representatives from the UK nuclear industry visited Sellafield this month to attend the UK Nuclear Operators Conference and discuss the important role that effective leadership plays in promoting nuclear safety.

Scott Sax, Spent Fuel Management Director and host of the event, said: “The conference was extremely useful and in addition to a site visit around Calder Hall, Thorp and Magnox East River, we held open discussions on the importance of leadership, shared success stories and areas for improvement, as well as focusing on what we can do to develop nuclear leaders of the future across our industry.

“Each company shared their leadership success stories and their commitment to the nuclear community. Our contribution was the line of sight improvements and ACEMAN as part of our integrated change programme.”

Guest speakers included Dr Mike Weightman, HM Chief Inspector; Jean Llewellyn OBE, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear and Ignacio Araluce, Director of WANO Paris Centre.

Scott added: “Their message was consistent and simple. The future of a nuclear programme is in our hands. Our leadership and ability to affect each worker at a personal level based on our relationship is key.”

Doug Cooper, Deputy MD, Sellafield Ltd, said:” We were pleased to host this conference as it enabled discussions and sharing of best practice from colleagues across our nuclear industry.

“The speakers and participants provided me with practical examples of how I can better reinforce nuclear standards.

“I’ve spent 28 years in this industry, and what comes through for me, time and time again, is that there’s no substitute for the leaders and their impact on performance.”

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