Overview of Higher Activity Waste

The NDA has published an overview of all its higher activity waste (HAW), providing details of where the material arises and how it is being handled.

The Overview of NDA Higher Activity Waste looks at radioactive waste from NDA sites only and is based on information from the 2010 UK Radioactive Waste Inventory.  

Aimed at all organisations and individuals with an interest in HAW, the report will be updated periodically to reflect any changes taking place in waste management plans. 

The aim of the report is to provide clarity about the whole lifecycle of the different kinds of radioactive waste, including current methods of treatment, packaging, storage and ultimate disposal. A glossary outlines the characteristics of each type of waste and how it has arisen, and at which site. 

NDA Head of Integrated Waste Management James McKinney said:

“The NDA publishes a wide range of documents on options of dealing with radioactive waste, but this is the first overview of estate-wide HAW that gives detailed information across the whole lifecycle, including future arisings, and how it is being treated. We believe it is a valuable summary for stakeholders seeking to understand the nature and quantity of this material, which is extremely diverse and differs from site to site.”

An overview of NDA higher activity waste February 2012 (3Mb)