New Magnox socio-economic scheme launched

The new Magnox socio-economic scheme has been launched in partnership with the NDA and EnergySolutions.

In-line with the socio-economic plan which was developed to take into account the impacts of the Magnox Optimised Decommissioning Programme (MODP), the new socio-economic scheme has been launched. The new scheme and application process replaces all previous schemes, combining all applications and management in a convenient one-stop shop.

The MODP represents a major change to the work programme across Magnox requiring an assessment of the socio-economic implications for local communities in-line with the requirements of the Energy Act 2004 to mitigate the effects of decommissioning on the surrounding communities and develop opportunities for socio-economic development.

The system will manage all applications from £1 to £100,000+ allowing you to keep track of all your applications in one place. The new dashboard will allow you to download your submitted application, along with its current status and any messages from the administration team.

Click here for more information and how to apply.