Lab in a lorry project

At the NW NI branch dinner last night the Nuclear Institute and Institute of Physics announced a new collaboration with the Lab in a Lorry project.

Lab in a Lorry

The Institute of Physics’ mobile laboratory enthuses the next generation of scientists and engineers by giving them the opportunity to explore science through open-ended, interactive experiments. 

The Lab in a Lorry experience is learning without the constraints of the classroom: it’s exploratory, informed by curiosity and guided by the knowledge of scientists and engineers who want to communicate their passion for science. 

The experiments on board Lab in a Lorry have been designed to capture the imagination of 11-14 year olds and allow them to make links between the science they’re learning in school and the world they live in.

 Working together

Lab in a Lorry is managed by the Institute of Physics, but the project relies on the support of funding partners to keep it on the road.  

In the north west of England, the Institute of Physics and the Nuclear Institute are working together to ensure that Lab in a Lorry continues to provide young people with the chance to discover where studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics can take them. These young people are the future of the nuclear industry. 

Sponsorship opportunities

By sponsoring Lab in a Lorry, your company will secure access to this inspiring and effective science activity for thousands of young people in the region.  In return, you will build relationships with local schools, receive local press coverage and provide your staff with a valuable volunteering experience.  

What now?

If you think your company can play a part in the Lab in a Lorry programme please contact Caitlin Watson, Head of Public Engagement at the Institute of Physics. E-mail: mailto: or Tel: +44 (0)20 7470 4814. 

Nuclear Institute will be running a competition to put together new experiments for the lab. We have such a range of technologies and opportunities in our industry that will help us select some really interactive ways for children to learn how they can be part of our nuclear future.

For more information on Lab in a Lorry and some videos showing it working, visit our website.