NuGen welcomes Government’s Energy Bill

NuGen welcomed the publication of the draft Energy Bill as a significant step forward on the road to delivering a safe, secure and affordable low-carbon future for the UK.

 The draft bill summarises the progress made so far – and there is still need for further work on detail to give reassurance and confidence to potential investors. Developers like NuGen are looking for a balanced policy to underpin the huge investments needed to secure the UK’s energy future.

Chief Operating Director Olivier Carret said  that the draft reforms would be studied closely at NuGen – and that the company would work with Government.

 “New nuclear has a vital role to play in the UK’s energy future. As potential Investors we need full detail and clarity before committing to major final investment decisions.”

 “We will be looking very carefully at the Government’s draft reforms and their implications before commenting further.”

The Energy Bill is designed to attract £110 billion of investment to secure the UK’s energy future and promote low-carbon options including nuclear and renewables.

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