NuGen welcomes positive steps forward for new nuclear build

NuGen today warmly welcomed news that National Grid has launched a consultation on initial proposals for connecting new, nationally-important energy sources like its Moorside project in West Cumbria.

NuGen, a UK nuclear company owned by IBERDROLA and GDF SUEZ, aims to develop its Moorside project to deliver up to 3.6GW of clean, low-carbon electricity.

News that the National Grid is seeking views on six viable options to connect Moorside, and potentially other low-carbon generation in the North-West including offshore wind-farms in the Irish Sea, has been welcomed by the company.

Alfio Vidal, Chief Nuclear Director at NuGen said the move was potentially positive for regional and national prosperity.

“Our Moorside project is of national importance as the Government looks to secure the UK’s future energy supplies and combat climate change. We at NuGen are engaged in working towards creating a robust business case to develop our power station in West Cumbria –  and today’s news from the National Grid illustrates an important step forward in this process.”

National Grid has launched a website for the 10-week consultation at  The feedback will help identify the option or options that will be taken forward in the process to upgrade Cumbria’s transmission system to accommodate new generating stations.                         

The initial stage of consultation is aimed at stakeholders and statutory bodies potentially affected by the six options, with the general public also encouraged to feed-back their views.

On a separate note NuGen also welcomed the positive news that the Energy Bill was announced as part of the Queen’s Speech.

The bill aims to promote low-carbon generation including nuclear through Electricity Market Reform – with the aim of delivering “secure, clean, and affordable electricity, and ensure prices are fair.”

The Energy Bill also includes legislation to establish the Office of Nuclear Regulation as an independent statutory regulator and a policy statement setting out the Government’s energy sector priorities.


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