Mapping the global nuclear market for up-rates

This interesting post was written by Jason Deigh of Nuclear Energy Insider about uprating of nuclear reactors to cover future energy needs.

Up-rating existing plants could be an important way to help circumvent the impasses that nuclear new-build programmes face in many countries. So who is going to do it? 

How do you get 6,000MW of new nuclear energy without building a single reactor? For the answer, look to the US market: that is the amount of power operators have generated as a result of 135 up-rates to existing facilities, according to World Nuclear Association figures. 
True, up-rating existing plants is not quite as fancy as unveiling a new-build programme, no matter how modest. Nor does it have the same implications for local job creation. 
But as many nuclear countries grapple with the question of whether to build or not to build, up-rating holds a number of attractions. 

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