NuGen welcomes Ofgem decision on site access

NuGen welcomes a decision by Ofgem, the gas and electricity markets regulator, to grant the nuclear company statutory rights of entry so that it can undertake site investigation works at the site in West Cumbria which has been designated for development of a new nuclear power station.  

NuGen applied to Ofgem under Standard Licence Condition 15 of its electricity generating licence to exercise rights of entry at the site, including the subsoil.  Whilst NuGen had already secured access to the surface of the site, access to the sub-soil is also required in order to search and bore the site.  The purpose of the site investigation works is to  establish whether the site is suitable for the construction of a new nuclear power station.

A NuGen spokesman welcomed the decision “as a milestone towards our aim of developing up to 3.6GW of new nuclear power as part of our Moorside project.”

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