Workshop – Learning from the Past and Looking to the Future

The Newcomen Society for the History of  Engineering and Technology has a workshop that is taking place at the Museum of Science and Industry 27 June. There is still time to register.

The cost is £30 and if you wish to register please email Jonathan Aylen at

Tues 26th June 2012

18.00–19 30    Drinks reception and registration

 Weds 27th June 2012             (09.00-09.30    Coffee and registration)

 1st Session       Chair:  Prof. Frank James, Royal Institution, Newcomen Society

09.30-09.45     Welcome and opening remarks

Jean Franczyk, Director, MOSI

09.45-10.30     Learning from the past –  The UK nuclear power journey

Dame Sue Ion, Chair of Fusion Advisory Board,  Chair of European Commission’s Euratom Science  and Technology Committee

10.30-11.15     Nuclear people:       Stories of Achievement

Jean Llewellyn, OBE, Chief Executive,  NationalSkillsAcademyfor Nuclear

11.15-11.45     Coffee

2nd Session      Chair:  Dame Sue Ion

11.45-12.30     Materials in nuclear technology

Prof. Andrew Sherry, Director,Dalton Nuclear Institute, University of Manchester

12.30-13.30     Lunch

3rd Session       Chair:  Prof. Andrew Sherry

13.30-14.15     Generation IV systems –   The route to 2050?

Dr. Paul Howarth, Managing Director,  National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

14.15-15.00     Experiences of a Nuclear Engineer   in the former Soviet Union

Dr. Paul Haigh, Founder Chairman, Nuclear  Technology Subject Group, IChemE,

15.00-15.30     Tea

4th Session       Chair:  Richard Maudslay, Chairman, NNL, Newcomen Society

15.30-16.15     The value of surveillance  monitoring to support  nuclear power plant operation

Prof. Peter Flewitt, Visiting Professor, Oxford Nuclear Research Centre, University of  Bristol

16.15-16.30     Collecting nuclear industry stories and objects from the north-west

John Beckerson, Senior Curator, MOSI
16.30-16.45     Closing remarks   Richard Maudslay