Magnox Operating Programme (MOP9)

 The NDA, in conjunction with Magnox Ltd and Sellafield Ltd, has published the ninth update of The Magnox Operating Programme (MOP), the fourth to be published under NDA ownership of the civil nuclear assets.

The MOP defines the key deliverables of the whole Magnox fuel cycle covering fuel manufacture, electricity generation, fuelling and defuelling of reactors, and reprocessing of spent fuel.

MOP 9 has adopted a performance range approach for the first time, allowing increased focus on achievement of the Programme outcomes, both encouraging and facilitating effective long term Programme Management and Stakeholder engagement.

The aim of this MOP 9 document is to provide a “self-contained and point-in time” summary of the NDA strategy for spent Magnox fuel and the Site Licence Company (principally Magnox Ltd and Sellafield Ltd) plans to deliver that strategy. The current NDA strategy for Magnox fuel should be consulted alongside this summary document.

PDF The Magnox Operating Programme 9 (MOP9) (2Mb)

The NDA has also today published its Magnox Fuel Strategy Position Paper. As part of routine activities, the NDA has assessed historical, recent and likely future performance of the Magnox Operating Programme (MOP) against credible failure modes and potential recovery plans and considered the implications to the Magnox strategy. This report describes the results of this assessment which coincides with the publication of MOP 9.

PDF Magnox Fuel – Strategy Position Paper July 2012 (200kb)