URENCO launches virtual tour

The URENCO Group has launched a virtual tour enabling viewers to experience a personal tour of our enrichment facilities from the comfort of their own homes.

The URENCO Xperience, which is available on our website, is designed to provide an insight into our everyday operations and an understanding of how the uranium enrichment process works. During the tour, visitors are given bite-size explanations of the enrichment process, along with facts about the industry that add greater context to the virtual journey.

The URENCO Xperience has been designed to appeal to the widest range of URENCO’s stakeholders, being of particular value to those who are unable to visit one of our enrichment facilities in person.

Commenting on the launch of the URENCO Xperience, URENCO’s Chief Executive, Helmut Engelbrecht, said:
“At URENCO we are committed to operating in a transparent way. We regularly run tours for visitors at our enrichment facilities, along with other community outreach programmes, to broaden the understanding of nuclear energy and the role we play within the industry.

“Until now, people outside our local communities looking for more background information about uranium enrichment have been limited to text or static images. The URENCO Xperience’s virtual walkthrough now provides an unprecedented insight into what happens inside our enrichment facilities. It allows us to welcome a much broader international audience who may not be able to visit us in person.”

You can take part in the URENCO Xperience by clicking here.

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