Health of the Supply Chain Study

The NDA is carrying out a study to re-evaluate the decommissioning supply chain and establish whether any revisions to its strategy are needed.

A healthy and vibrant supply chain is critical to meeting the NDA’s nuclear decommissioning and clean-up mission. Last year, spending at the Tier 2 level in the supply chain was  £1.6 billion across the NDA estate,

In 2008, the NDA carried out a ‘Health of the Supply Chain’ consultation, with a questionnaire and series of workshops, to gain an insight into the issues facing suppliers and what improvements were needed. The responses helped to shape the Principles for the NDA Supply Chain Development Strategy and led to a series of initiatives including  the regular publishing and updating of SLC and NDA Procurement Plans.

Ron Gorham, NDA Head of Supply Chain, said:

“Five years on, the NDA believes it is  important to carry out a further review and establish how how it feels to work within the NDA Estate – what’s good, and what’s not? Did the the contracting process for projects and procurements meet supply chain needs and expectations? What areas of improvement still need to be tackled?”

An accredited and independent research company, ORC International has been commissioned to conduct the survey and will be working with V4 Services Ltd. The use of an independent company will ensure  anonymity for all suppliers participating in the study. ORC International is a member of the Market Research Society and complies with its guidelines; this means all feedback will remain totally anonymous and will not be attributed to individuals or businesses.

The views and experiences collated from the research will  play an important role in influencing a wider review of NDA supply chain strategy. ORC International will be conducting in-depth interviews throughout August and September 2012 to assess the experiences of  selected Tier 2,  3 and 4 suppliers.


In addition,  the NDA is also keen to have as much feedback as possible from the wider supply chain and is seeking further views through an online questionnaire. If you are able to spare a few moments:


Project Contacts

If you have any questions regarding the study, please contact:

Samantha Fettiplace,  ORC International Project Manager

Tel: 020 7675 1194 mailto:

Samanatha Dancy, NDA

Tel: 01925 802415 mailto: