Feedback on Sellafield Voice of Supply Chain 2012

During February and March this year the Sellafield Ltd Commercial Directorate invited the external Supply Chain to participate in a Survey to establish a measure of its current Commercial Performance.



The Survey invited responses to 20 questions from the following range of themes:

  • Working with and for SL
  • Communication of SL commercial requirements
  • The effectiveness of SL’s and the Supply Chain safety culture
  • Quality assurance arrangements
  • Supply Chain leaning and innovation
  • Commitment to socio economic and ethics
  • Suggested areas for improvement

Key Findings

The results of feedback received from the 179 companies that responded have been analysed per Supply Chain area; Tier 2, 3 & local Small/Medium enterprises.

The key positive aspects and opportunities for improvement from the survey are shown below:

Positive Aspects

  • SL has an effective approach to managing safety
  • The Supply Chain understands the key safety requirements of products  or services supplied to SL
  • Supply Chain staff would challenge an SL or Supply Chain employee if they are deemed to be performing an unsafe act
  • Positive recognition and support by the Supply Chain of socio economic needs
  • The Supply Chain understands and complies with the SL Code of Responsible Business Conduct

Opportunities for Improvement

Communication of Business Requirements including:

  • SL Website by 21/12/12
  • Business Needs by 31/05/13
  • Procurement Plan by 31/05/13
  • Pre Qualification of Tenders 31/03/13
  • Defining of Procurement requirements by 31/03/13

Delivery of Commitments by 31/03/13


Where are we? Next Steps

From the feedback received, a comprehensive action plan is in place and, together with the analysis of the results, the output has been shared with the Commercial Directorate and the NDA. We intend to repeat the Survey in March / April in 2014.



We wish to thank all those who contributed to the Survey. This important feedback provides us with a wealth of positive information and opportunities for improvement in supporting Sellafield Ltd in its efforts to build and maintain a capable Supply Chain to deliver its requirements.

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