National support for smaller businesses

NDA has announced the formation of a national Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Steering Group to provide additional focus and support to current supply chain improvement measures.  

The initiative is sponsored by NDA’s Commercial Director Sean Balmer who invited his colleague David Batters, NDA’s Chief Finance Officer, to chair a National group.   The initiative was announced by Ron Gorham, at a Supply Chain event in Anglesey organised by the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA).

The National SME Steering Group will be supported by five regional groups and got off to a flying start when the Welsh Government confirmed its support by offering Wales as the first region.   Ron said the SME initiative was the brainchild of the Supply Chain, based on experience of similar models used successfully in both the public and private sectors. He added that the NDA was keen to use proven solutions from elsewhere and to enable businesses in the supply chain to help the NDA and its SLCS become better clients.

The NDA is hoping to support the formation of similar regional groups, reflecting the geographical spread of its sites, in Cumbria, Scotland, the North and Central and Southern England.   Meanwhile, the NDA and its Site Licence Companies (SLCs) have now completed arrangements for a second joint event aimed at suppliers, to be held in Bolton on 22 November.

The event, at the de Vere Whites Hotel, will provide opportunities for new and existing businesses, both small and large, to hold informal face-to-face discussions with all the SLCs, major contractors and other suppliers.    Last year’s inaugural event attracted 450 delegates and followed a series of workshops looking at possible measures to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises seeking decommissioning opportunities.

A key aim of the event is to encourage greater visibility of opportunities for all the supply chain, and particularly for SMEs. This is in line with the Government’s aspiration for public organisations to provide wider access to their markets for smaller businesses and the NDA’s own Strategy 2011-2014, which recognises the importance of a robust supply chain.

Delegates attending the event, which will run from 9.30am-4.30pm, will be able to:

•Hear from key figures within Government, the NDA and SLCs on their supply chain visions

•Meet with SLC, Tier 2, Tier 3 and SME ‘buyers and sellers’ to find out about the opportunities and innovative suppliers in the NDA Estate supply chain

•Find out how to participate in the NDA Estate supply chain

•Network with other leading figures in the NDA, the SLCs and across the supply chain

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