Magnox framework for the future

A charter that sets a clear vision for delivering future objectives at Magnox Nuclear Power Stations has been signed by Hertel.

Hertel works across 10 Magnox sites as part of the Celadon Alliance, which is also made up of KDC and NSG and exclusively supported by AMEC, MWH and Halcrow.
The Deplanting, Demolition and Bulk Asbestos (DD&A) Removal Framework requires that all participants work safely and collaboratively, display leadership, set high standards and promote excellence by establishing and meeting key performance indices (KPI).
The goal is to exceed the expectations of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) for whom Magnox runs the sites.
It will allow for a more efficient commercial arrangement between Magnox and Celadon, reduce tendering costs and provide a supply chain ‘toolbox’ that meets the needs of the various projects over the coming years.
Alan Bladon, Magnox Programme Director, said: “This gives us a great opportunity to outperform our decommissioning plans by building long term supply chain relationships, learning from experience and increasing our ability to deliver.”
Padraig Somers, Operations Director for Hertel and Celadon Board Member, continued: “We are committed to helping Magnox build a culture of mutual respect across the DD&A framework so that we can move forward together with common values and shared determination to deliver successful operations.”
Kevin Williamson, Regional Manager for Hertel and Celadon Steering Group Member, added: “Celadon brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience of working collaboratively that will drive innovation to deliver and exceed Magnox performance expectations.”

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