Rolls-Royce I&C systems to Chinese reactors

Rolls-Royce has been awarded a contract by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC) to supply its SpinlineTM digital safety instrumentation and control (I&C) technology for the modernisation programme of the Ling Ao nuclear power plant.

The contract covers the modernisation of the Neutron Instrumentation Systems for reactor units 1 and 2 of the Ling Ao Power Plant. The original analogue platforms will be replaced with the latest digital safety technology that was installed in the plant’s newer phase II reactor units 3 and 4.

Benoit Chabre, President, Instrumentation and Control said: “Rolls-Royce is proud to have served the civil nuclear industry in China since the early 1990s. We are a world-leader in safety I&C and our neutron instrumentation technology will be deployed in each of China’s current and planned fleet of 22 CPR-type reactors. We are committed to working with our customers to supply products and support services that enable them to achieve the highest standards of safety, reliability and cost effectiveness.”

The Neutron Instrumentation System is a safety-critical I&C system that ensures the integrity of the nuclear reactor. Compliant with international nuclear safety I&C requirements, it uses Rolls-Royce SpinlineTM technology to enable utilities to optimise the safety, availability and maintenance of nuclear power plants.

Rolls-Royce supports a number of key phases of the global nuclear programme, including providing advice to governments and operators, supply chain management, and manufacturing and technical engineering support. The Group provides safety-critical instrumentation and control systems to 70% of China’s civil nuclear reactors in operation or under construction, to all 58 of France’s operational nuclear reactors and to more than 200 nuclear reactors across 20 countries worldwide.

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