Sellafield stories

NW branch of Nuclear Institute invites you to Sellafield Stories, an exhibition and lecture Tuesday 6 November at Birchwood Centre.

 The Sellafield Stories Oral History project tells, from an independent standpoint, the history of Sellafield. Project staff interviewed one hundred people, all of whom talk about the part that Sellafield has played in their lives telling Sellafield’s history through their own stories. Contributors include current and retired employees, local residents, and opponents who tell us fascinating details of life and change in West Cumbria during the second half of the twentieth century.

This is the first time that the exhibition has been displayed outside of Cumbria, and is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the history of the UKs largest nuclear facility. The lecture will be delivered by Jenni Lister of Cumbria County Council who is the Sellafield Stories project manager.

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