Preferred Sellafield £280 million delivery partners selected

Sellafield Ltd has selected Amec, Hertel (UK) Ltd and Shepley Engineers Ltd as its preferred partners to deliver work packages worth a potential £280 million at the nuclear complex in West Cumbria.  

The Multi Discipline Site Works (MDSW) framework updates an existing arrangement governing how a range of maintenance jobs and tasks, asset care projects and asset restoration projects are delivered across the Sellafield site.   The three companies identified as preferred partners have a long history of working on the Sellafield site.

The MDSW framework is a transitional arrangement designed as a stepping stone to further develop the collaborative approach to contract delivery introduced under a new Overarching Acquisition Strategy (OAS) by Sellafield Ltd’s parent body Nuclear Management Partners.

The framework covers a number of activities that support operations and project activities across the Sellafield site under the three main disciplines of civil, electrical and mechanical with associated task delivery services.   Along with other significant contracts already let, or due to follow, as part of the site’s Overarching Acquisition Strategy, the MDSW is designed to provide stability of delivery as the site undergoes behavioural changes into the long term partnering contract arrangements.

The framework could run for a maximum four year timeline with a total estimated range of £200 million to £280 million. It will further develop benefits already delivered by the current contracting approach such as standardisation of contracts, reduction in contract numbers, rationalisation of the supply chain and encouragement of innovation.

Keith Case, Sellafield Ltd. Commercial Director, said: “The MDSW framework is a significant piece of work for the site as it helps provide a pathway to the new, longer term partnering arrangements that we feel will deliver benefits.   “It’s a key enabler for us and will provide stability as we transition across to that new way of working.   “We’re very pleased to have identified three partners with track records of delivery in these areas, all of whom have substantial experience of working on the Sellafield site and a solid understanding of the unique challenges we face.”

Tom Jones, Amec Director for Nuclear Services, said: “Building on our 40 years relationship with the Sellafield site, this contract award continues our provision of full life cycle services to Sellafield.   “We are pleased to be operating within this award-winning collaborative arrangement that continues to realise benefits to Sellafield.   “We look forward to working with Sellafield Ltd. and the local supply chain to support the site with its day to day activities.”

David Fitzsimons,  Hertel UK and Ireland’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have been selected as a preferred partner, which enables us to continue our long association with the site.   “It is an opportunity to expand upon the close working relationships with our delivery partners to ensure sustainability in supporting Sellafield Limited deliver on its key strategic goals and objectives for the future”.

Shepley Group Managing Director Paul Scott commented: “The MDSW framework will present a range of both project and operational support challenges that will demand a safe, responsive and compliant service.   “We are delighted to have been selected as a preferred partner for this significant contract, which recognises the capabilities and skills we have developed within our experienced multi-disciplined project delivery teams.   “The framework will provide an ideal opportunity to implement and further develop a collaborative approach to the way that services are provided at the site. These collaborative behaviours are now embedded in the Shepley approach to work delivery.”

Mark Steele, NDA Head of Programme for Sellafield, commented: “The NDA’s mission is to deliver the safe, secure and cost-effective clean-up of the Sellafield site.   “Longer term, collaborative alliances represent a proven route to delivering work more efficiently and cost effectively and the MDSW framework will help the site move closer to that model.   “Matching the skills present within the Sellafield Ltd workforce with the best that the private sector has to offer can only help accelerate the decommissioning of Sellafield, which is a key part of the NDA’s

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