Sellafield supply chain learning briefs

Learning Briefs for the Sellafield Limited Supply Chain will be published every 6 months. These briefs are produced to identify common themes from SL’s assurance arrangements and to accelerate key learning in the Supply Chain for those organisations that aren’t currently part of the Sellafield’s Certification & Audit processes.

Sellafield Ltd aims to deliver excellence in everything it does, operating safely, securely, reliably and predictably. To achieve this aim, SL requires its Supply Chain to deliver its products and services safely, to schedule, at the correct quality and to the agreed cost. Sellafield Ltd has experienced shortfalls in Supply Chain delivery and as a result has strengthened its assurance activities to mitigate the risk of future failures.

The activities range in depth from Inspection & Testing, Audit through to the Supplier Certification process deployed on SL’s key higher risk suppliers to demonstrate compliance with specifi c technical and quality standards. This hierarchy of assurance processes demonstrate SL’s commitment to continually improve performance; working closely with its suppliers and contractors to ensure SL builds and maintains a capable supply chain.

This learning brief identifies the key themes from SL’s assurance approaches over the last twelve months.

Learning Brief – October 2012

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