Site Licence for Hinkley ‘C’

ONR has granted the first new site licence for a UK nuclear power station in 25 years.

The licence has been granted to NNB Generation Company (NNB GenCo), which wants to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

Today’s announcement represents a significant amount of work by the UK’s independent nuclear regulator – the result of more than three years and the equivalent of 6000 days spent engaging with and assessing NNB GenCo’s suitability, capability and competence to hold a nuclear site licence.

Talking about the announcement, HM Chief Nuclear Inspector Mike Weightman said:

“To get us to this point, ONR’s experienced, expert assessors have been assessing the adequacy of NNB GenCo’s organisation, its arrangements for complying with conditions attached to the licence, the suitability of the site and NNB GenCo’s ability to prepare a safety report for the proposed installation at Hinkley Point C.”

“Although a significant step, it is important  to note that granting a nuclear site licence does not constitute permission to start construction of nuclear safety-related plant. That requires permission from ONR, permits from the Environment Agency and planning consent from the Secretary of State.”

You can read more on ONR’s website

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