Studsvik signs £15M contract with LLW Repository

Studsvik has signed a contract with LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) for the transport and treatment of the remaining 10 redundant heat exchangers from the Magnox Berkeley Site, in Gloucestershire, England. The total contract value is approximately £15M.

 The heat exchangers (boilers) each weigh over 300 tonnes and were used as an integral part of the electricity production process of the nuclear power station before it ceased operation in 1989. There were 15 heat exchangers remaining at the site of which the first 5 were successfully removed in March 2012. These are now being treated by Studsvik. This contract is for the transport and treatment of the remaining 10 heat exchangers, and will complete an important step in the decommissioning programme at Berkeley Site.LLWR is acting on behalf of Magnox Ltd for the procurement and contract management of the project, which is scheduled to take place in 2013.Early in 2013 Studsvik will transport the heat exchangers by road and sea to its processing facility at the Studsvik site, close to Nyköping in Sweden. Studsvik has facilities for volume reduction, decontamination and recycling of heat exchangers and other large components from nuclear facilities, and has many years experience in such transports. Treatment of the first heat exchanger will start in 2013 with the last heat exchanger planned for treatment during 2014.“Studsvik is pleased to be able to continue to play a part in the safe removal and recycling of the Berkeley boilers, as part of the progressive clean-up of the NDA estate. Our plans are economically and environmentally beneficial and show Studsvik’s ability to manage complex waste problems. The project to remove the first 5 boilers was successful and we are looking forward to once again working with the LLWR and Magnox team on this important project and to complete the job” says Sam Usher, President of Studsvik UK Ltd.

“The removal of these boilers will be another important step in preparing the site for entry into Care & Maintenance. We are confident that in working with LLWR and Studsvik we can deliver another major decommissioning milestone for Magnox and our customer the NDA”, says Steve McNally, Magnox Site Director for Berkeley site.

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