12 more issues closed on UK EPR design

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Environment Agency have closed 12 more ‘issues’ with the generic design of the EPR nuclear reactor proposed for construction in the UK.

In December 2011, the regulators identified 31 issues on EDF Energy and Areva’s UK EPR design  that must be addressed as a prerequisite to issuing final acceptance of the design.

The closure of the additional 12 issues, confirmed through the publication of our letters to EDF Energy and Areva, brings the total number closed to 30, and leaves one outstanding.

[The 12 issues confirmed as closed today are the top 12 in this table.]

The remaining outstanding issue – GI-UKEPR-CC-02 – must be closed as a prerequisite to the regulators issuing a Design Acceptance Confirmation (in the case of the Office for Nuclear Regulation), or a Statement of Design Acceptability (in the case of the Environment Agency).

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