Capenhurst Site Integration

The NDA Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has completed the transfer of its Capenhurst site, in Cheshire, continuing an asset disposal programme which has now brought in well over £1billion for the UK taxpayer.

Under the deal, Capenhurst Nuclear Services (CNS), a URENCO Group company, will take ownership of the land, combining it with an adjacent site it already owns to create one nuclear licensed site.

The transfer is part of the NDA’s asset use programme which has seen land at sites including Wylfa, Oldbury and Springfields transferred to private sector ownership.

Sean Balmer, the NDA’s commercial director, said: “This is a great achievement and is the culmination of a huge amount of effort by the team involved.

“When added to the other successful projects in the asset use programme, well over £1 billion in savings have been produced for the UK taxpayer, through reduction in NDA liabilities or income receipts from the sale of land.

“The return of restored land to private sector ownership is a key part of the NDA strategy; not only does it raise revenue for the UK taxpayer, it also frees up our resources to concentrate on our core mission to clean up the UK’s nuclear legacy.

“I’m sure CNS will provide excellent stewardship of the Capenhurst site and I wish them well in continuing this extremely important work.”

Helmut Engelbrecht, URENCO Chief Executive Officer commented: “CNS is committed to responsible uranium stewardship. Our objective is to provide a centre of excellence for uranic storage, decommissioning and recycling. We are proud of the valuable role we will provide to the industry. The long-term nature of this contract enables us to make a significant contribution to the responsible care and management of uranic materials.”

Activities formerly carried out by Sellafield Ltd on the Capenhurst site will be transferred to CNS. This includes existing decommissioning and storage operations, as well as the processing of government-owned by-product/legacy material from uranium enrichment (known as “Tails”) through URENCO’s Tails Management Facility. Most of this material was already in storage at Capenhurst.

The deal marks a major milestone for the 60-year-old site, where the remediation of the legacy site has been largely completed, clearing the way for some of the biggest active area demolition projects ever undertaken in the UK nuclear industry.